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The Free hypnosis downloads on this site are based on years of hypnosis and therapy experience.

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The sole objective of this site is to bring you FREE hypnosis and hypnotherapy mp3 recordings to help you improve the quality of your life.


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Many of these hypnosis mp3’s have in the past sold in  stores, by direct mail, or via the internet, yet now they are downloadable free of charge. Although long hypnosis and hypnotherapy mp3 recordings and CD’s seem a good idea when you first download or buy them they often fail to help you in the long run. This is because most people are over optimistic as to how much free time they have, even when trying to deal with serious problems.

If you’re new to hypnosis and worried about being hypnotized and entering a hypnotic trance the answer is simple, don’t close your eyes as you listen to the hypnosis induction on the recording.

Many of these FREE Hypnosis Audio Downloads have in the past sold in stores, by direct mail, or via the Internet, yet now you can get them free of charge. Yes! For a while, these hypnosis mp3’s are being given away for FREE.

All these hypnosis recordings can be downloaded forFREE!

Hypnosis for Confidence.


Hypnosis for Weight Loss. – Calorie Counting


Hypnosis for Success.


Hypnosis for Money.


Hypnosis for Studying.


Hypnosis for Stress Relief.



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Hypnosis mp3 recordings and CD’s can be an excellent way of overcoming issues that have their cause rooted within the subconscious mind, also called the unconscious mind.

Often a good hypnosis recording can be as effective as visiting a hypnotherapist or psychotherapist in their consulting rooms – particularly if you’re in search of goal orientated therapy. The major difference lays in the price. As a comparison, all the recordings on this site are completely FREE of charge. Whereas visiting at professional hypnotist or psychotherapist in their consulting rooms is likely to cost you $50 to $100, or more, for a 50-minute therapy session.

Furthermore, when visiting a therapist you have the additional time and effort involved in traveling to the therapist’s room each week. Whereas with a recording you can simply relax to it when you have time to spare – for instance: before you get up in the morning, after work, or even during your coffee break. What’s more, many hypnotherapies involve a lot of repetitive suggestion work, and needless to say, with a recorded therapy session reinforcing suggestions is extremely quick, easy, and convenient.


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All the free hypnosis download programs available from this site teach you to develop deep mental relaxation similar to meditation. But hypnosis and meditation are not the same.

The free hypnosis downloads on this site have been professionally written and produced by hypnotherapist Steven Luzern. With over 40 years experience hypnotizing people and an uncountable amount of hypno-analysis since 1985, Steven Luzern knows how to help you uplift the quality of your life.

Each recording on this site contains the distilled essence of that which is necessary to help you in the way you choose and nothing more. Neither the hypnosis mp3’s on this site, nor the articles contain any esoteric wording, or any verbiage simply to make them mystical or more commercially appealing.

The free hypnosis mp3 downloads on this site cover a wide range of self-healing and self-improvement recordings. Even if you can’t find any self-hypnosis downloads to help with your particular issue be sure to join our mailing list so you’re updated about all the new self-hypnosis recordings as they become freely available.

Self-hypnosis mp3 are an excellent way to help yourself deal with many of the problems and issues that afflict us all. What’s more, on this site all the free hypnosis mp3’s are what they claim to be, and that is, FREE in the true sense of the word. All these self-hypnosis mp3’s are FULL and COMPLETE mp3 recordings, they are not shortened or cut-down versions that require you to pay for the full version if you want their complete help. Help yourself to these FREE hypnosis mp3’s downloads and start improving the quality of your life today.